surface active technologyBracton SoSafe Inc., part of the family owned Bracton Group since 1985. Manufactures chemical surface cleaners for a wide range of applications in a variety industries.  SoSafe products are available throughout USA, Australia Europe and Middle East through our distribution network.

Graffiti Removerssosafe-graffiti-removers-750

SoSafe is a leading graffiti remover manufacturer since 1985. SoSafe has developed a line of graffiti removers suitable for all surface types which eliminate the need to trade off between product effectiveness, safety and environmental features. SoSafe graffiti removal products are available in a variety of sizes for ease of use in rail, bus, municipalities, schools, park districts, retailers, professionals and home users. Approved for use on 3M reflective signage.  Click here to see which SoSafe graffiti remover is right for you.

Anti-Graffiti Coatingsanti-graffiti-coating

Repeat graffiti tagging? Apply an anti-graffiti coating to the surface to limit the adherence of future graffiti and make graffiti removal faster and easier than ever before. There are two main categories of anti graffiti coatings, permanent and sacrificial, click here to see which is best for your application.

Industrial Degreasers

Spray Away pH Boosted has quickly become a favorite non-hazardous degreaser in the industrial sector. Formulated with Surface Active Technology, SoSafe degreasers quickly cut through grease and grime without the need to use highly alkaline solutions, leaving surfaces rejuvenated and streak free. SoSafe degreaser formulations are quick break and proven to reduce frequency of separation tank pumping, potentially saving sites tens of thousands of dollars per year of operation. Ideal for: rail, bus networks, mining, heavy/light engineering, fleet operations, defence and public works. Click here for more information.

Mold Removersmould-removers

SoSafe mold control products not only kill mold and mildew growth, but unlike chlorine and bleach based products, SoSafe mold control products kill the mold spores at the source, eliminating and preventing future mold growths for up to twelve months. SoSafe mold removers are non-hazardous and have no odor. Click here for more information.

Ideal for professional cleaning contractors, municipalities, franchises, home users & retailers.

Outdoor Cleaners

outdoor-cleanersChlorine free External Surface Revival pH Boosted, rapidly cleans external surfaces affected by environmental effects, removing stains caused by water, mold, fungus, moss, grime and other discolorations, returning the surfaces to a superior condition. SoSafe ESR pH Boosted has been specially formulated to provide the same residual cleaning results as normal ESR, but with added grease and oil cutting capabilities. Click here for more information.

SoSafe ESR pH Boosted is ideal is the superior choice for cleaning outdoor areas which have been effected by heavy staining from greases, oil, bird droppings, tree tannins, food scraps and other difficult to clean stains.

SoSafe ESR pH Boosted actively kills mold spores, preventing fungus from returning.

Odor Neutralizersodour-neutraliser

Most deodorizers are designed to temporarily mask odors, SoSafe has designed a food safe odor neutralizer which temporarily masks the smell while the Surface Active Technology goes to work, encapsulating odors in addition to disinfecting surface bacteria. Once the vanilla scent dissipates the area will be odor neutralized. Vanilla Fresh has been scientifically proven to remove bacteria at the source, preventing new bacteria growth, resulting in odor and bacteria free surfaces for longer! Click here for more information.

Stainless Steel Cleanersstainless-steel-cleaners

Stainless steel is now a common surface in households and commercial settings. Achieving a showroom finish on stainless often proves to be next to impossible without the correct tools. SoSafe Stainless Steel Cleaning product range can quickly remove surface rust, stains and finger prints returning surfaces to original condition. Click here to see how.

Painting Preparation CleanersSoSafe-paint-saint

Repainting mold affected surface? Forget sugar soap! Use SoSafe Paint Saint for the best in paint adherence, Paint Saint kills mold and cleans surface without the need to rinse. Safe for use on all washable surfaces including tiles, floors, ceilings and walls. Paint Saint can also be used as a non-hazardous general purpose cleaner to remove dirt, grease, grime, mould, blood, shoe scuff-marks and other stains from most surfaces. Site