degreaser-amtrakSoSafe Spray Away pH Boosted with Surface Active Technology is one of America’s fastest growing industrial degreaser with independently proven quick break capabilities.* Spray Away pH Boosted is a safe alternative being non-corrosive, delivering powerful degreasing action to penetrate and solubilise heavy grease loads, leaving surfaces streak free.  Amtrak example on left, point (A) tired surface cleans with a regular degreaser, point (B) cleaned with SoSafe, show how Spray Away rejuvenates surfaces 

*Scientific tested conducted by one of Australias’ leading engineering & infrastructure companies. Testing revealed SoSafe industrial degreaser, deliver the lowest suspended solids levels significantly reducing separation tank waste disposal costs.

SoSafe industrial degreaser is suitable for a variety of cleaning applications and industries including;

  • Mining Companies – Quick break degreasing trucks, engineering parts and other assets.
  • Heavy Rail – Degreasing of locomotives, decoking of lorries
  • Transport – Degreasing & cleaning of heavy / light rail, carriages, locomotives and buses.
  • Engineering Shops – General cleaning and degreasing.
  • Local Government – Used in scrubbers, cleaning public facilities (toilets), BBQ’s.

Concentrates available in 3x5Lt, 25lt, 205Lt, 1000Lt IBC or bulk delivery.

Industrial Degreaser – Bulk Dispensing Systems

We offer bulk dispensing systems to automatically dispense concentrate cleaners in the correct ratio for the application. This has proven a popular option for asset cleaning bus companies, train companies & accommodation facilitiesFor industrial use, SoSafe recommends the installation of air-operated double-diaphragm pump systems for rapid cleaning.


SoSafe Spray Away – pH Boosted is the popular choice for mass transit agencies (bus/train) and the mining industry to safely degrease large assets quickly leaving surfaces in flawless condition. Ideal for removing heavy staining from greases, oil, bird droppings, tree tannins, food scraps, mold, fungus and grime.

A non-corrosive formulation that will clean almost any surface of general build-up, dirt, mold, oil and grease on hard surfaces and engine parts. Ideal for cleaning of heavy machinery, bus under carriage cleaning, de-coking of coal trucks and other hard surfaces.

Where products usually require high pH levels (alkaline detergents) to emulsify oil and grease, Spray Away will do the job in half the time with less effort. This ability to remove mud, dirt, grease and oil with out a high pH level is not only safe for the user but also less damaging on assets and equipment.


  • Quick Break Formulation
  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Flammable
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Non DG
  • Biodegradable
NOTE: Use SoSafe Rapid Off for tar and asphalt removal.


degreasing-efficiencySoSafe’s Structured Approach to Safety

SoSafe has adopted the following approach to ensuring safety at the workplace.

1. Safety – Products used must be as safe as possible. By eliminating toxic or flammable or corrosive products from facilities where possible reduce the risk of injury.

Steps to a safer environment
i. DESIGN. Try to ensure that hazards are ‘designed out’ when new materials, equipment and work systems are planned for the workplace.
ii. Remove the hazard or SUBSTITUTE less hazardous materials, equipment or substances.
iii. adopt a SAFER PROCESS. Alterations to tools, equipment or work systems can often make them much safer.
iv. enclose or ISOLATE the hazard through the use of guards or remote handling techniques.
v. Establish appropriate ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES such as:
job rotation to reduce exposure or boredom; or timing the job so that fewer workers are exposed
routine maintenance and housekeeping procedures
training on hazards and correct work procedures.
And where engineering or administrative controls cannot be used;
vi. Provide suitable and properly maintained
(c). PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT and training in its use.

2. Economic – Products should be affordable. When looking at the cost of a cleaning products, SoSafe looks at the REAL COST otherwise known as the true cost. This incorporates the cost of the product, the amount of product required, manual-labor and time. SoSafe has proven to workplace, by electing to use SoSafe products in their facilities, the amount of product required is less, the effort taken to clean is lower to yield a better result and the time it takes to clean is lower leading to significant dollar savings.

3. Performance – Products must work. SoSafe are the leaders in safe industrial degreaser products, contact a SoSafe representative to schedule a trial of SoSafe cleaning products to compare the difference firsthand.